Developments in eSystems Engineering


Education & Self Development is chairing a Special Session at the IEEE Conference Developments in eSystems Engineering to be held in Paris 14th- 16th June 2017.

The title of the session, which will be chaired by Prof. Aydar Kalimullin and Prof. Jamila Mustafina from Kazan Federal University, is

“Machine learning and neuroscience applied to real world learning and self-development”

There is a real possibility that, in the next three years, machine learning, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, will emerge from the research laboratory and provide the foundation to real learning support in education and self development.  This seminar will focus on advances with proven applications and proven benefits in the field.

Authors of selected contributions from the session will be invited to prepare a full article for consideration by Education & Self Development.

You can find full detail of the Conference, the call for papers and details of how to make a submission on the DESE 2017 website at

Please note that submissions must be made to the Conference and not directly to Education & Self Development.