Articles in Education & Self Development issue 49 are now online

The individual articles published in Issue 49 (December 2016) of E&SD can now be found and downloaded from this website.  Four of the articles are in English and can be found on the English language site while three are in Russian (and appear in in full on the Russian site) but the English titles and abstracts are also available to read and download.

It may be helpful to explain that the Journal is moving from identifying each issue by its number only (this issue is number 49) to the system used by most Journals where there is a volume number and issue number within the volume.  This gave us a problem as to how to manage the transition!  2016 was the eleventh year of publication and so we said that would be volume 11.  However, hoping to avoid confusion we kept the issue number as 49.  This this is Volume 11, issue 49!  The next issue will be the first issue of volume 12 – 12(1).

To read the articles go to the Journal Articles tab on the Journal home page.


Spela Bagon, Andreja Istenic Starcic.

Attitudes towards inclusion by Slovenian teachers in the context of findings from other countries pp6-27

Marianne Friese.

Vocational Teacher Training in Germany  pp28-35

Sabine Maschke, Ludwig Stecher.

Why become a teacher? Considerations on the initial study phase in teacher training  pp36-44

Ian Menter.

Becoming a teacher in the United Kingdom in the 21st century  pp45-52

Nailya N. Askhadullina.

The model of a future teacher’s risk-recognizing competency formation in the process of preparation for innovative educational activities  pp53-64

Albina R. Drozdikova-Zaripova, Natalya N. Kalatskaya.

Social and professional values of Russian teachers having various pedagogical experience  pp65-76

Ramil F. Suleymanov, Murshida M. Hadiullina.

The role of musical-aesthetic education in personality development preschool   pp77-90