”Education and Self-Development” is looking for new reviewers.

Peer reviewing is at the very heart of scholarly publishing. Academic papers are scrutinised by other researchers – peers – who comment on the quality of the work. They assess whether it the methodology is sound, and for papers reporting on empirical research, whether the analysis has been rigorous, and the conclusions follow from the findings. The aim of this quality control is to ensure, as far as possible, that the body of our knowledge of the field is accurate, so that others can build on these foundations.

It is important, not only for other researchers but also for the practitioners who apply the result of our research. This quality control also means that our publications can be relied on by those who provide funding for future research, and the institutions who pay our salaries and grant us tenure.

In becoming a peer reviewer you are joining a community of experts who assess each other’s work. Of course, some reviewers are more experienced than others, but as peers all our opinions are valued. As a reviewer you may be asked to assess the work of acknowledged experts in your field and it is your responsibility to make that assessment fairly and to the best of your ability.

While reviewing carries heavy responsibilities, it also gives significant benefits by enabling you to see what others are doing and thinking, long before that information is published in scholarly journals. It also makes you a far better researcher and author!

If you are interested in being considered for membership of the reviewer panel, please contact the Deputy Editor, Nick Rushby: nick.rushby@conation-technologies.co.uk