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Open Access and APCs

E&SD is an online, open access journal that is also available in print form.  It is fully funded by Kazan Federal University.  The Journal is a signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative and is committed to ensuring that all of the articles we publish a freely available.

Articles are available to all without charge, and there are no article processing charges (APCs) for authors.

Making Submissions

Please read these Notes for Authors carefully:

Complying with these requirements will allow us to consider your work quickly and make a prompt decision.  Please use the checklist at the end of our ‘Notes for Authors’ to ensure that you have covered everything.

We strongly advise that you ask one or more of your colleagues to review your article before submitting it to E&SD. The concept of internal peer review seems to have gone out of fashion, but our experience is that it can be very helpful in polishing submissions so that the probability of success is much greater! If Russian or English is not your first language, then please enlist the help of a native speaker to edit the piece, to correct grammar and ensure that any idioms are correct. This too makes it easier for the reviewers to give full justice to your work.

Please ensure that the manuscript you submit is free from typographical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that manuscripts are as free from errors as possible: simply relying on spell checkers will be insufficient. Errors are an unnecessary distraction and make it harder to review the paper objectively.

You must not submit work that has been published elsewhere or which contains significant amounts of material that has been taken from the work of other authors (plagiarism) or previous work that you or your co-authors have written (self-plagiarism or text recycling).  Education & Self Development uses systems that detect passages that are not original, and contributions that fail this criterion will be rejected.

Submissions (including revised manuscripts) are made using Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Go to   If you have already registered then please log-in. Then follow the instructions for submitting a manuscript. In addition to uploading your files, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed the checklist shown at the end of these notes.

If you have difficulty in registering, logging in or making your submission please contact Nick Rushby (

All articles are rigorously reviewed by at least two reviewers competent in the relevant field, using a double blind process, and the speed of publication of articles depends greatly on the authors’ readiness to respond to the reviewers’ comments.  While the Journal tries to minimise the time it takes to review each submission, it is not possible to give a specific timescale.  Some submissions will take longer because of their specialist nature while others, which are unsuitable for publication will receive a decision within a few days

Copyright on any article in Education & Self Development is retained by the author(s). Authors grant Kazan Federal University a licence to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher.

In order to expedite the editing and publishing process and enable Education & Self Development to disseminate your Contribution to the fullest extent, we need to have this ESD Copyright Agreement v1-0 signed and returned as directed in the Journal’s instructions for authors as soon as possible. If the Contribution is not accepted for publication, or if the Contribution is subsequently rejected, this Agreement shall be null and void. We regret that publication cannot proceed without a copy of this Agreement signed by the lead author of behalf of all of the authors.  You can download the Agreement here. ESD Copyright Agreement v1-0