E&SD 14(4) December 2019

This is the English language contents page for E&SD 14(4)

Nick Rushby
Editorial: Editorial bias 6
Minnenur A. Galaguzova, Yuliya N. Galaguzova, Elena V.Moskvina, Yana S. Dikusar, Anastasia V. Shvetsova
Social rehabilitation of minor criminals. 10
Maryam Mahmoodi, Mojgan Rashtchi, Gholam-Reza Abbasian
Evaluation of In-service Teacher Training Program in Iran: Focus on the Kirkpatrick Model. 20
Nailya R. Salikhova, Martin F. Lynch, Albina B. Salikhova
The Associations Between Tolerance for Ambiguity and Internal and External Motivation in the Scholarly Activities of Doctoral Students. 39
Chancey Bosch, Alesha Baker, Joshua Baker
Using Open Educational Resources and Technology-Enhanced Learning for Teacher Professional Development in Ugandan Schools. 52
Alexey M. Petrov, Ksenia A. Volodina, Tatyana A. Belyaeva
The role of the psycho-physiological characteristics of a person in his professional development. 63
Marina N. Sharafutdinova, Nina A. Nizovskikh
Psychological readiness for management and self-control of behavior as components of the potential competitiveness of senior pupils. 72
E.Y. Vasilyeva, M.I. Tomilova
Assessment of communicative competence of residents. 81
Mark V. Pereverzev, Ilshat R. Gafurov, Valerian F. Gabdulсhakov
Using technologies to prepare graduates for careers in hospitality and tourism. 91