E&SD 15(1) March 2020

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  Volume Number: 15 | Issue Number: 1 | Pages: 1 - 118

This is the English language contents page for E&SD 15(1)

Nick Rushby
Editorial: Open reviewing 6
Marina M. Solobutina
Ego Identity of Intellectually Gifted and Sport Talented Individuals in Puberty and Adolescence 12
Vsevolod V. Andreev, Vladimir I. Gorbunov, Olga K. Evdokimova, Giorgia Rimondi
Transdisciplinary approach to improving study motivation among university students of engineering specialties 21
Martin F. Lynch
The Cultural Internalization Scale: Assessing internal and external reasons for endorsing one’s cultural identity 38
Tatiana Yu. Dorokhova, Nikolay P. Puchkov
A regional system of targeted training of specialists for the electronics and telecommunications industry 56
Anastasia S. Kosogova, Nina V. Kalinina
Giving trainee teachers a global cultural view of knowledge and cognition 69
Lyudmila V. Bayborodova, Ekaterina N. Shipkova
Analysis of the practice of private supporting tutoring for rural school students 79
Victoria G. Malakhova, Tatiana N. Bokova
Philosophical ideas of postmodernism and their impact on the education system
in Russia and the USA 93
Gulnara F. Biktagirova, Roza A. Valeeva, Nadezhda Yu. Kostyunina, Natalya N. Kalatskaya, Albina R. Drozdikova-Zaripova
The phenomenon of “victimization” in modern Russian and foreign studies 104