E&SD 15(2) June 2020

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  Volume Number: 15 | Issue Number: 2 | Pages: 1 - 122

This is the English language contents page for E&SD 15(2)

Dinara Bisimbaeva
Editorial. Writing a literature review: A simple task might be arduous? 6
Irina E. Abramova, Anastasia V. Ananyina, Olga M. Sherehova, Elena P. Shishmolina
Overcoming Barriers in Teaching EFL to Non-Linguistic Students 10
Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, Nguyen Hoang Doan Huy, Nguyen Thi Hang, Duong Thi Thuy Ha
Self-perception of teachers and managers of the impact of teachers’ professional development in Vietnam 21
Yuliia A. Sydorenko
Problem of perception of belles-lettres works with mythological structures by high school students 31
Marina E. Valullina, Alisa R. Khalfieva
Affective-cognitive Aspects Dynamics of a New Information Perception Experiencing on the Classes by High School Students and University Students 42
Renad I. Zhdanov, Roman V. Kupriyanov, Dzhamilia R. Nugmanova, Milyausha Ya. Ibragimova, Vladimir G. Dvoenosov
Interrelationship between anxiety and strategies of coping with exam stress: the role of gender, physiological indicators and sports 57
Yana B. Emelyanova
Overcoming difficulties in reading academic articles in a foreign language: designing and running a training workshop 74
Inna B. Avakyan
Self-development as a factor in the readiness of university teachers for innovation 88
Irina V. Arendachiuk
Subject and activity-related determinants of the student youth's educational and developmental activity 103