E&SD 16(1) March 2021

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  Volume Number: 16 | Issue Number: 1 | Pages: 1 - 148

This is the English language contents page for E&SD 16(1)

Andreja Istenič
Editorial: Learning and Development in a Post-Digital Age 6
Ademola Kehinde Badru, Saka Adewale Owodunni
Influence of Mathematical Language Ability and Parental Supports on Students’ Academic Achievement in Secondary School Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in Ogun State, Nigeria10
Mohammad Kazemian, Mohammad Reza Khodareza, Fatemeh Khonamri and Ramin Rahimy
Instruction on Intercultural Communicative Competence and Its Application by Iranian EFL Male and Female Writers 21
Hamid Farhadi Rad, Sakineh Shahi, Ahmad Fazeli
The Role of Transformational Leadership and Knowledge Management in Organizational Innovation of Schools 40
Marichen van der Westhuizen, Sibulelo Gawulayo, Nomvuyo Lukelelo
A Reflective View of the Introduction of Technologies in Social Work Fieldwork Modules within the South African Context 54
Aleksey N. Dorofeev, Galina V. Bukalova, Alexander N. Novikov
Learning Specifics of Corporate Culture Development: A Study of Motor Transport Masters Program Graduates 74
Daria A. Bukhalenkova, Aleksander N. Veraksa, Margarita N. Gavrilova, Natalia A. Kartushina
The Role of Russian Parents' Education in Developing Intuitive Theories of Parenting 82
Ekaterina Yu. Protassova
Multilingualism at an Early Age: Parents’ Views and Teachers’ Reflections 93
Natalia Yu. Sinyagina
Psycho-Biographic Factors and Predictors of the Formation of Individual Psychological and Personality Characteristics: A Review of Foreign Studies 102
Olga B. Yarosh, Igor F. Zinoviev
Educational Standards and Modern Requirements: Contradictions or Opportunities 116
Marsel G. Fazlyyyakhmatov, Leonid M. Popov, Lyudmila I. Ovchinnikova, Olga N. Baklashova, Pavel N. Ustin, Vladimir N. Antipov
On the Formation of the Ability to Perceive the Depth, Volume and Spatial Perspective of Flat Images as a Basic Component of the Technology for the Human Creative Potential Development 129