E&SD Volume 12 Issue 2 contents

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  Volume Number: 12 | Issue Number: 2 | Pages: 1 - 137

This is the English language contents page for E&SD Volume 12 (2) (Issue 51)

Nick Rushby:
Editorial: Ethical authorship 6
Colin Latchem, Daria Khanolainen:
Open and distance lifelong non-formal learning for self-development: current practices and possible applications in Russian contexts 12
Ruslan A. Baryshev:
Analysis of Students' Demand for Informational Resources during Study and Research Activity 31
Agzam A. Valeev, Irina G. Kondratieva:
On the Issue of Intensification of Teaching a Foreign Language in a Non-linguistic Institution 42
Milausha V. Gabdulkhakova:
Semantic analysis of mental states of students from different ethnocultural groups in situations with a certain and uncertain outcome 52
Inna V. Krotova:
Psychological determinants of achievement of the first stage of academic careers in higher education 62
Marina Yu. Schennikova, Almaz M. Galimov:
Requirements of professional standards as a basis for professional development of students 73
Education & Self Development Retractions and notices 84
Our Authors 117
Notes for authors 129